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Optimize Your PC System Completely With Antivirus Software PDF Print E-mail

It may not be as slow as dial-up, but slow Internet is always a bummer, no matter what gadget you're using. Whether it's a phone, a tablet, a laptop, or even a desktop, it's always irritating to browse the Internet at a snail's pace. Oftentimes, users may blame their ISP; however, there are instances when a slow Internet connection is not the ISP's fault. Sometimes, slow Internet may actually be due to malware that has infected your computer. Times like these, there's only one solution to your slow Internet problem: download an antivirus.

An antivirus may not be such an obvious solution to your slow Internet problem, but it actually solves quite a few computer problems that may have cropped up:

Your PC's entire software system may have slowed down in general and you didn't notice. One of the early signs of a malware infection can be detected once a user's PC slows down considerably. The first effects you may notice, however, might be a slowdown in your Internet surfing speed. You may not have noticed the slowdown in overall system performance for your computer, since you may have mistakenly attributed the slowdown to your ISP's Internet speeds. To download an antivirus may be the last option on your mind, but if your Internet surfing has slowed down considerably, maybe it's time to think about this as an option.

Some of your files have started getting corrupted, as they got infected. While malware in the form of PC "worms" are actually a thing of the past, some forms of computer malware are still capable of corrupting files. Back in the day, say, circa Windows 95 to Windows 2000, there is a class of computer malware called "worms." A computer worm has the capacity to corrupt not only system files, but also documents and output from the various computer software that a PC owner may use. Some of the files affected include Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, and even Image files. Nowadays, computer malwares are mostly spyware and trojans, malware intended to gather the user's financial information, usernames and passwords. These are intended to give hackers an entry into the PC user's system, steal their information, and possibly commit identity and credit theft against the user.

However, some types of malware still corrupt files, and some of these are even geared towards breaking the PC's OS itself.

The latter type of malware, geared at crashing the entire OS, is called "rootkit" malware. When a rootkit malware gets into your OS, it immediately embeds itself into the OS' "kernel" or the root system code, and lodges there. It actually rewrites sections of the OS' code, slowing down the system, and working towards a total breakdown of the system.

With these virulent activities of computer malware, there should be no reason for you not to get an Antivirus Protection Software.

You've opened your system, even yourself to the risk of getting hacked, even having your financial details stolen. We've outlined the risks you've taken with your system infected with computer malware, and we've pointed out that among these is the possibility of having trojans and spyware that may open you to a possible attack from hackers. Trojans and spyware tend to be "gateway" malware -- these open the door for other malware to be infused into your system, or, as we've been saying, actually open your system to a full-on hacking attack.

Bearing these in mind, by now you shouldn't hesitate to download an antivirus. Antivirus protection software will allow you to detect the presence of these malware and rid your system of these.

Now that you know the full effects of malware on your system, we hope we have urged you to download an antivirus. Beyond just finding a way to get your Internet browsing up to the optimal speed stated by your provider, we hope we've made it clear that much more is at stake -- your entire PC system. More than that, your personal, identity and credit data may be at stake as well. This should illustrate to you the urgency of installing an antivirus protection software, not only to speed up your PC and your Internet connection, but for your PC's optimal performance and even your overall data security. In the case that your system doesn't get totally cleaned of the malware, beyond installing an antivirus protection software, you may consider reformatting your computer and reinstalling the OS.


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