2015 Top List for Best Internet Security Software

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Internet Security Software - An Introduction PDF Print E-mail

In the present times, internet is considered as the fastest means of communication with other people all over the globe. Be it data transferring or photo sharing, cutting down distances between relatives by video calling or finalizing business deals on the internet. Likewise increased security is important to ensure that no harm is being done to your computer while you are online enjoying the benefits of internet.

These days, social networks are a global fashion, a forum for people from all over the world to socialize via photos, videos and chats. This definitely requires you to have reliable internet security software to protect you computer from all kind of viruses and spam files. With the advancement of technology, people have developed software to hack computers and identities. Your passwords and bank account numbers might also be at threat as online banking is a common practice these days. It is therefore, very important for you to protect yourself and your data and have a very good internet security software installed.

Internet security software is software that will protect your computer from viruses, hackers and spammers. The software will run a number of protocols which combat the programs that tend to destroy your computer or get into your personals. Perfect internet security software would be the one that will protect your computer and its data from all kind of viruses, spyware and adware. They are also programmed for installing updates regularly. Some of them update themselves twice weekly. Others are so flawless that they do it several times daily. As the internet hacker population increases, the updates of these software programs increase too for better security and protection.

Stay alert at all times about your security software. Make sure each day that it is being updated properly and you are not facing any problems while updating it. If you are, consult the particular software company immediately since a slight ignorance of yours might just lead you to face great devastating results. A more frequent automatic update could mean that the number of threats to your computer is increasing. Always put your computer on the automatic update mode. This will allow it to download all the latest updates available even if you forget to check some day.

If you are a new computer user, make sure you have done your homework well. Do thorough research regarding the best internet security software available and install it to your computer.

Stay alert while you stay connected to the internet. Keep an eagle's eye on your internet security software updates and also on any viruses or spyware. Get the most elite class software so that you don't regret later when you are left with a contaminated computer. You can search online or ask for opinions on public chat forums. You can also buy computer magazines and look up for the latest best internet security software. Software will also be available on certain shops. However, downloading the software online would be a much easier job.

Therefore, one should keep all the above points in mind while making the choice for internet security software because security for your computer alongside with your personal data is extremely important. No one should get access to them by any means.

Internet security involves the protection of a computer's Internet account and files from any form of attack or intrusion of an unauthorized user. Unauthorized access of a computer may occur once the computer connects to a network and begins communicating with other computers or accessing a malware-infected web site through the Internet. To avoid this, it is recommended to set up a password and install an Internet security software. The following are some major Internet threats that can badly jeopardize a computer:

  • Malware
  • Worms
  • Bots
  • Spyware
  • Trojans
  • Viruses

The Internet threats mentioned above can be overlapped and combined, which can cause serious damage to your computer's system and personal files. These threats are the reason why they are made to detect and eliminate viruses and other forms of malicious attacks that can easily enter your computer. Internet security programs can be purchased or downloaded for free via the Internet. However, one should be careful in selecting the Internet security software that they will use since some programs are not as effective as the others when it comes to detecting and removing viruses or malware. One should also be cautious when downloading such Internet security software since there are some existing websites that contain web links that would instruct you to install a security program for your computer, when in reality it would actually install malware or even viruses on your computer. Most Internet security software have antivirus, firewall, antispyware, as well as parental controls already integrated into one program to help you protect the following:

Personal information - Internet security programs contain antispyware, firewall, and anti-phishing protection to secure your sensitive data from creative hackers who are constantly using latest developments in technology to gain access to personal information.

Computer system - Internet security programs can shield your computer from being attacked by different kinds of viruses in forms of email attachments and other files, which may render your computer useless.

Family restriction - Parental controls are also included that allows you to filter and to restrict access of unacceptable sites or web contents that can also harm your computer. This feature can also keep your children from any possible online predators.

When looking for a reliable software, the following are some important criteria that a computer user must remember before downloading a particular program:

Ease of installation/setup

An Internet security software must be easy to install and to set up. It should have a clear and step by step instructions in order to avoid application errors or interfere with other programs in the computer.

Ease of Use

An Internet security software must be designed so that every user can be able to use the software regardless of their computer literacy. This also involves the program's interface as well as the terminologies used that will help the user to easily manage the software.

Other security features

A reliable Internet security software must have additional Internet security programs bundled such as email and IM scanning, anti-phishing, and parental controls.


An Internet security software must have an antispyware function that will protect your computer against adware, keyloggers, trojans, and many more.


An Internet security software must have a firewall protection that will shield your computer against outside attackers or malicious Internet traffic. There are two types of firewalls namely:

  • Hardware - These are typically called network firewalls, which refers to external devices that are usually placed between your computer or network and your cable or DSL modem. Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) or vendors offer networking devices, such as a router, that already has a firewall installed. Hardware-based firewalls have the advantage of being separate devices, which are running on their own operating systems so they provide additional line of defense against Internet attacks.
  • Software - These are firewalls that are built-in within the computer's operating system. If your computer's operating system has a firewall feature included, you may consider enabling it to provide an additional layer of protection even if you already have an external firewall. Antivirus

A security software must have the ability to continuously scan your computer for any harmful viruses. It is also important that the antivirus you are using are regularly updated to detect new viruses since these threats are constantly evolving.

Help and Support

Manufacturers should be able to provide support to its customers through FAQs, user manual, or tutorials on how to properly use and maintain the Internet security software. It is also important that customers will obtain support through phone, chat, or email at all times.


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