2015 Top List for Best Internet Security Software

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It is important to keep yourself, your family and your computer safe while you are using the internet. Though the internet offers a wide array of incredibly useful and beneficial features and resources, it can also pose risks and threats through disreputable, unethical people. These people choose to create dangerous programs that can harm others computers and steal personal information that can benefit them while harming others. When using the internet it is crucial to implement an internet security software suite. These comprehensive programs are designed to protect your computer from a wide array of threats and dangers through several channels.

What is an Internet Security Suite?

An internet security suite is essentially a carefully-designed program meant to monitor and defend your computer while you are using the internet. These programs are downloaded directly on your computer and automatically work, largely undetectably in the background of your computer's operation, to identify any potential threats, isolate them, and then destroy them should your review and investigation determine that they are, indeed, dangerous to your computer or to you personally.

How Does it Work?

Internet security suites work by monitoring all of the information and programs used by your computer. If it identifies something that it deems suspicious, such as a virus or spyware program, it will prevent it from finding its way into the actual working of the computer and performing any harm. This software can also create security by allowing you to establish parental controls. Parental controls are guidelines to the type and quality of information and actions permissible on the internet. These specifications are generally established through pinpointing keywords or thematic elements, or even exact websites, that you do not want to be accessible on your computer. The security software program will then prevent any of these sites or trains of information from showing up on your computer. This can protect your family from inappropriate images and information.

Threats that are Blocked by an Internet Security Suite

Many types of threats are blocked by internet security suites. These are blocked using various avenues of security such as antivirus, antispyware and firewall protection.

  • Antivirus protection protects your computer from worms, computer viruses and other threats. Not only will preventing these viruses from getting into the working of your computer protect that machine from harm, but it will also keep your computer from getting other computers "sick". Much like a sick child infecting another, a computer with a virus can spread it to others. Antivirus protection keeps this from happening.
  • Firewalls protect your computer during communication with other computers. This keeps your system and your information safe. The firewall allows for parental controls.
  • Spyware protection keeps malicious software from infiltrating your computer and stealing your personal information.

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