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How to Choose the Best Mobile Antivirus PDF Print E-mail

The mobile antivirus is becoming one of the most important software available today, simply because the mobile phone has a number of uses. There are several mobile antivirus software that is available in the market, and one needs to look for the one that would suffice them the best. Here are three aspects that one should keep in mind, before they choose the mobile antivirus.

How current is the Version?

New viruses make their way into the general public almost every day. So, it is very important that the best antivirus programs are current enough to combat the latest virus. There are some anti virus software that also offers immediate updating of the virus, so make sure that you choose the virus that can be updated immediately over GPRS or the traditional internet connection.

Many anti virus software comes with a lifetime update. Which means that you can update the anti virus for life. This works out cheaper, because then one does not have to buy the anti virus software on a repeated basis.

Spyware, Malware, Trojans?

A traditional antivirus would just shield your mobile phone against virus, but a complete one would shield it against spyware, Trojans, and other issues that are currently being faced by the World Wide Web. So, try to make sure that the antivirus that you have combats spyware, malware, Trojans and other kinds of internet attacks. Some mobile antivirus also offers phishing security, so look if you can get such features for cheap.

Mobile phones generally get a virus via data cards and memory sticks. Some for-mobile sites may also cause the virus to settle into the mobile OS, so you need to be careful while choosing the anti virus for your mobile device. Also, while choosing the mobile anti virus, you should check which operating system your mobile phone runs on. If you have the Java, or the Symbian or the Windows Mobile OS or even the iPhone OS, there are different operating systems for different mobile phones.

What is the Price?

Technology and software are becoming cheaper by every day. So it is quite possible to get cheap and economic antivirus software for your mobile phone, provided you know the right places to look for.

Today, with the availability of smart features in cheap cell phones too, it becomes necessary for even the most common mobile owner to get a mobile antivirus.


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