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Smart-phone software is constantly being developed and updated. A major factor being analyzed in this article is smart-phone security. Security is an extremely important factor for smart-phones, since they are used for essential functions such as logging in to bank accounts and using confidential passwords. Moreover users use them in order to exchange information of major importance such as business innovations and others.Smart-phones (SM) in general can be described as an extremely small version of a personal computer. Different software and platforms are used, but similar applications and functions exist. By that said we can conclude that they also share similar security issues and dangers. Viruses for instance are advancing rapidly in the smart-phone industry.

Blackberry security can probably be described as the best in the SM phone industry, since it has invested a lot of money and years in developing strong encryption systems. However, recently Writer Olga Kharif stressed that a new application was found to be used on Blackberries which had the ability to record discussions in a certain range without that being obvious, meaning without the voice recorder most mobile phones tend to have. (IT Business Edge, 2009)

As mentioned by CIOS.com SM phones can also be used "by crackers for denial of service attacks (DDoS)." These attacks can be described as the coordination of many machines (ex SM phones) which aim to overload large servers with commands and create a blackout, meaning services not being able to be provided for a period of time.

Thesecurity of iPhones can generally be described as weak, however new encryption systems are yet being developed and upgraded in order to provide users with safe Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.SM phones are highly exposed to security attacks when connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Hackers can intervene in the connection and gain information such as emails, passwords, bank account passwords and others.

The security of HTC can be characterized as good, since it operates with windows mobile which uses external software in order to provide security to its users. Such external software would be Norton antivirus for mobile phones. Nevertheless, it faced security dangers when HTC users used the Bluetooth connectivity which was resolved in a short period by the use of new encryption software.

There are some companies which create external software in order to protect SM- phones from a large amount of security risks. The software they create aim to keep data of great importance invulnerable and protect the devices from all kind of viruses. An example of such a company would be GUARDIANEDGE SMARTPHONE PROTECTION.

Service 3G

A second major factor analyzed in this article is the 3G service provided by the smart-phones. The 3G networks provide users with variety of network services with very high speeds and many capabilities. Services operating via wireless networks and downloads are made much faster through the 3G networks.

One of the first leading smart-phones to include the 3G service was iPhone, in parallel with a fully functioning GPS application. Furthermore, iPhone has the ability to share the 3G service with the users' personal computer without the use of a wireless network, but via Bluetooth or a USB connection.

HTC has being providing 3G services in its smart-phones since 2006 and has always been striving to provide higher speeds than those already in the telecommunication industry.

Blackberry has not introduced a 3G smart-phone yet; however the first 3G Blackberry will be shortly introduced in the UK market, in cooperation with Vodafone.

It is of great importance to mention that the network provider has an important role in the 3G service speeds.


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