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Three Instances in Which a Mobile Anti Virus Program Is Extremely Important PDF Print E-mail

The mobile phone has become an extremely useful device, which is used for different purposes. With all the different purposes, it is only obvious that it will have all mobile phones will have a operating system onto which different applications run. Basically, a mobile phone today has the same functionality and working of a computer, and therefore needs the same security that a computer would. However, not all mobile phones require the ultra expensive mobile antivirus software.

If you are using a GPRS connection:

If you are using a GPRS connection to browse websites that may not be safe, like the ones that are not owned by your mobile carrier, or if you are using the mobile internet to download software and media off the Internet, you should definitely invest in an antivirus program.

If you are using Bluetooth to transfer files:

Transferring date via any medium is the most common way to transfer virus onto media devices - be they mobile phones or computers. Therefore, if you are using Bluetooth and other devices to transfer data from one mobile to another, you should be aware that it may send some virus during the transfer, so make sure that you invest in a mobile antivirus program.

If You use a lot of applications:

Whether you are using a PDA or a JAVA phone or the recent Android, if you are using applications, there are every chances that you have a virus in your mobile after some rough use. Therefore, make sure that you install the mobile anti virus on your device if you are using applications.


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