Latest Norton Advantages

1. Norton Security provides protection for Android mobile phones

2. It's one of the few security products that provide social media protection on sites like Facebook. It has a Facebook link scanning feature which scans all links to check if they are free of malware and phishing attacks.

3. It protects both home and business networks from intrusions and hackers

4. It has many new features that provide excellent protection and they include parental controls, a two-way firewall, the silent mode and network monitoring.

5. Norton can create a bootable rescue disk which you use when your computer gets infected and can't start Windows.


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1. Norton's test scores fell a bit short of the highest ranked antivirus products.


Overall, Norton Security is a security software product with all the right features. It is also a leader in the fight against key loggers and other hacker systems that are designed to steal and destroy your personal data.

Norton Security Review

Every vendor's security suite will have to function correctly under Windows 8 starting next month. Some, like Symantec, go beyond mere compatibility, fully embracing Windows 8. The user interface for Norton Security features big, touch-friendly buttons. When you mouse-click those buttons, they slide fluidly across the screen as if skimmed by a touch gesture. This suite is more than just a pretty face, though. Its security components are consistently top-notch.

Multi-Level Antivirus

Protection against viruses and other malware in the Norton suite is exactly the same as what you get in the standalone antivirus. Getting an antivirus tool installed on my malware-infested test systems sometimes takes days of back-and-forth with tech support. I did hit a few glitches getting Norton installed, but a combination of the built-in AutoFix, Norton Power Eraser, and the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool quickly solved those minor problems.

Like Kaspersky Internet Security, Norton detected 89 percent of all threats in my hands-on malware removal test. Norton removed what it found more thoroughly, earning the top score of 6.6 points. Kaspersky scored 6.5 points, as did AVG Internet Security.

Along with several others, Norton detected 100 percent of the rootkit-based samples and scored 8.4 points for rootkit cleanup. Only one product scored better, but it scored a lot better; Kaspersky earned 9.4 points in this test.

Good Lab Results

Norton technology gets good marks from the independent testing labs in general. However, Symantec declines to participate in the "proactive" test by AV-Comparatives on the basis that it doesn't measure real-world protection. That's unfortunate, because it means they also can't participate in this lab's dynamic test, which more nearly reflects real-world protection than any I've seen.

Shared and Extended Features

Until this year, only the Norton suites have included the password protection and form-filling capabilities of Norton Identity Safe. Given that Identity Safe is now available as a free standalone product, it only makes sense that the antivirus includes it too. PCMag has give Identity Safe a four-star rating for password management.

Intelligent Firewall

Norton was among the first suites to put firewall decision-making inside the program rather than forcing the often-clueless user to make decisions about what programs can access the Internet. With input from the massive online Norton Insight database, it configures permissions for known good programs, wipes out known bad programs, and keeps unknowns under surveillance, blocking them if they try anything malicious.

The firewall stealthed all ports and resisted all of my port scans and other Web-based attacks. When I attacked it using exploits generated by the Core IMPACT penetration tool, it blocked every single one at the network level, preventing them from even dropping a single file on the test system.

Accurate Antispam

If you use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express / Windows Mail for your email client, you don't have to do a thing to enjoy Norton's spam protection. It will automatically mark incoming POP3 mail messages with [Norton Antispam] in the subject and divert them into the Junk E-mail folder. Those using a different email client need only define a message rule to handle moving the spam into its own folder.

Configuring Norton's spam filter is simple; just turn it on. Oh, you can create lists of email addresses that the filter should always allow, or always block, if you like. I tested it using nothing but default settings and it proved quite accurate.

Champion Phishing Protection

Phishing websites attempt to steal your login credentials for online banks and other sensitive sites by masquerading as the real site and watching what you type. These fraudulent sites often exist just for a few days or hours-long enough to scam a few victims and move on before the owners get caught.

Norton's antiphishing technology has been consistently effective, enough so that I use it as the touchstone for evaluating other antiphishing solutions. Like most such technologies, it immediately blocks known phishing sites. Unlike most, it also performs real-time analysis on unknown sites and blocks those that appear to be fraudulent. I've never seen it block a valid site on this basis.

Conclusion: All-Around Protection, Highly Recommended

Norton Security is our all-time favorite - it's the best Internet Security Suite in the market! You can't go wrong with Norton Security, and I would highly recommend you to get a copy of their Internet Security solution for maximum protection for your PC.